Alive and thriving!

Our Microgreens are alive and thriving when you receive them. We want you to have the freshest microgreens possible. Just harvest what you need and let the rest keep growing.

No pesticides. No soil. No clean up.

All of our microgreens are grown hydroponically on biodegradable coconut coir mats, in culinary food grade trays, and have never been exposed to harmful pesticides.

More nutritious!

Microgreens are up to 40% more nutritious than the adult plant.

Take your cooking to the next level.

Microgreens are more versatile than lettuce leaves and have a wider variety of flavors. Use them in salads, sandwiches, wraps, sushi rolls, smoothies and soups. A nutritious and beautiful way to decorate your plate and add flavors.

Our Microgreens

Our Microgreen Mixes